I had read an article written by ShoeMoney a couple months ago about Local Internet Marketing and recently another blog I read occasionally brought up the link again.  I decided I would make a little post about local internet marketing because I have decided to test it out myself to a certain degree.

Most of these internet marketers usually talk about marketing local companies through pay per click advertising, but I have decided to go down a route I am more familiar with – SEO’ing for the SERPS

A couple months ago I was curious to see if I could rank for a local car dealership term so I went out and bought a domain and put a two page mini site for London Ontario Car Dealerships.  This has sort of been a test for me, as I wanted to see how easily I could rank well for the term “London Ontario Car Dealerships”.  I put about $200 into advertising from people over at digital point and ended up seeing myself sitting around 3rd in the Google SERPs after about two months.  The site bring in about 5 visitors per day, but if you visit the site you will see I have nothing set up but a e-mail for advertising.  I have also done a very similar thing recently with the Real Estate niche in my home town – I created London Ontario Real Estate Agent which is very similar.  My dad is a real estate agent here in London so that gave me the idea to do it.

What are my plans for these local niche sites?  Well they were kind of tests, but I would like to make some money off of them in the future.  I plan on getting a nicer looking template on the car dealership domain and possibly selling advertising to dealerships at a reasonable price.  For the real estate agent site I am trying to get it ranking on the first page of Google, and hopefully within the top half.  For that site I plan to just get a nicer template and get some advertising up for my dad.

Ranking in the search engines for local terms shouldn’t be too hard if you are somewhat decent in ranking for poker and casino terms.  The hard part is finding quality links, and it’s a lot harder to find link trades than it is on the poker forums.  Local internet marketing is something that interests me and I am going to continue to test things out with it.  It seems to be a lot more stable of a path than being a gambling affiliate that’s for sure.  Has any one else tried anything similar to what I’ve done?

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Dennis Yu October 18, 2009


That is awesome you’re getting into local. My feedback on your sites is that unless you have a phone number, address and listing with GLBC (Google Local Business Center), you’re not going to get a ton of traffic for clients. Thus, you kind of need a client first before you can make a website, else you’re just not going to show up in maps, which is where the action is.

Doovde October 19, 2009

Hey man,

I like the idea of going into local niches. I would say though that people who know nothing about SEO are going to look at your sites and think they are very simple. To these guys im sure the design makes a BIG difference when it comes to them purchasing advertising. If you can show them you rank for some good local terms and have a nice looking site then I think you have a good sell.


Kevin October 19, 2009

Yeah, I am going to be putting up something nicer when I try and sell advertising for sure. These ugly templates are just for now until I decide to get started with it.

Kaus October 24, 2009

Nice job Kevin. I’ve yet to try anything but gambling related. The whole what if it fails after putting so much effort into it. Def something I plan to try eventually.

Good luck with it :)

Der Poker Profi October 25, 2009

With the new theme, your blog already looks much better than one week ago – even though customising takes some time, it is worth it.

MJ October 29, 2009

This post inspired me and I bought my city name .org – If I can rank with it I can gain a tremendous amount of trust and a great example to point to in the community for possible projects.