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This website is here as an introduction to myself and also as an informative resource for new poker affiliates, or any affiliates in general. If you cannot already notice, the main focus of this site is Poker Affiliating. If you came across this site and don't know what a poker affiliate is I have written an article titled What is a Poker Affiliate?. This article will give you a quick description of what a poker affiliate is and generally what they do.

You might have noticed the site domain is titled Poker Marketing Star. After seeing this you might have come to the conclusion that I am a star, guru, or baller in the poker affiliate world. The truth is I bought the domain name because that is what I want to be in the future.

In September 2009 I made a great addition to this website - My Poker Affiliate Blog. I will be making posts on this blog regularly with affiliate tips, information, and personal stuff about myself. Make sure you check out the poker affiliate blog and bookmark it if you enjoy it.

I'm sure some of you want to know a little more about me... where do I start? Well my name is Kevin and I live in Canada. I got into the poker affiliate business at the end of 2007 while attending University. What started as a spare time experiment has now become one of my passions and full time focuses. I have written a more detailed description on my About Me page, check it out if you're interested.

For any newer affiliate or someone who stumbled across this website with no clue what a poker affiliate is, I have a dedicated a page on the site with a bunch of different poker affiliate tips articles. Most articles are targeted at poker affiliates, but a lot of them apply to affiliates in all different affiliate markets. You will find some helpful articles posted, especially if you are a newer poker affiliate. I try to add to the affiliate tips articles when I think of a good topic to write about, so send me an e-mail if there is anything you would like to read about.

If any poker affiliates are interested I offer consulting, whether it be SEO or just general poker affiliate consulting. You can check out my consulting page for more details, but basically I don't charge much, and if you don't need too much time I will most likely be able to do it in exchange for a poker link or something similar.

Recently my affiliate knowledge has really expanded as I have began to look at different affiliate markets. I started off by staying within the gambling industry, but just moving outside of poker. My first site outside of poker was my Sports Betting Tips site which is a sportsbook affiliate based website. I then launched a successful Bingo Bonus portal, which is increasingly ranking higher for the terms I'm focusing on. I have also gotten into other affiliate markets such as online dating and health supplements. Basically I am testing out everything because I absolutely love being an online internet marketer.

Anyways enough about the non poker affiliate talk - Enjoy my poker affiliate resource site!